LEFF Amsterdam made their debut in the design industry by creating a series of iconic interior timepieces and now their focus has had a natural shift towards watchmaking. Having both the Watch and Clock collection we can offer the functional beauty and art pieces to our customers. Our new clock range from Huygen offers a complete silent clock combined with a great design this makes it perfect for both the retail and interior design market.

LEFF amsterdam was founded in 2011. After making their debut in the design industry by creating a series of iconic interior timepieces, their focus gradually shifted towards mainly watchmaking. Working from their studio in the city center of Amsterdam, they now create unconventional watches. They started making timepieces in an era in which time is all around us, because they think time is simply an amazing concept. They believe watches are the perfect example of functional beauty, as they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at the same time. Actually, nobody really needs a watch –– and this challenges LEFF amsterdam even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have around their wrist.

A Huygens clock is a complete silent one. Whereas with most clocks you will hear the day ticking away, Huygens clocks have an innovative movement that ensures complete silence in any room. Using incredibly good material combined with the best movements you get a clock that – we dare to say – honors the work of our great-great-ancestor Huygens. All Huygens clocks are tested to meet their high quality standards. Equipped with a silent movement. Made from recyclable quality materials. Designed in the Netherlands. Registered design.